Blood Purfier Tablets 


A gereral cleanser that helps strengthen the kidneys and liver, as well as removes toxins and pathogens from the blood stream. All Dr.Sebi approved ingredients.

  • Burdock root - blood cleanser , liver purifier and cleanser , kidney cleanser
  • Yellowdock - blood purifier , liver cleanser , kidney cleanser
  • Sarsaparilla root - binds with toxins to help remove them
  • Elderberry - removes pathogens
  • Hydrangea root - breaks up calcifactions


Take 2 or 3 times daily 


This product is not FDA approved and is not proven to cure or prevent any type of disease or illness. We are not qualified to give medical advice. Purchaser assumes and is responsible for all risks of usage. 




Blood Purifier Tablets

    • Keep away from direct sunlight for long periods of time